Minneapolis Juvenile Lawyer

If your minor child has become adversely involved with law enforcement, it is important to support your child to ensure that their rights and future are preserved. I work closely with clients to ensure they receive the personal representation and advocacy that they need and deserve. I have thorough juvenile law knowledge and over 10 years of criminal defense experience. To schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled juvenile crimes defense attorney, contact me today.

Minneapolis Juvenile Court Defense Cases

Many juvenile crime cases may be brought into the adult criminal court system where penalties are far more severe. Therefore, it is imperative to hire an attorney that understands the juvenile court process and how to effectively defend minors in both the adult and juvenile courts. As an experienced juvenile law attorney, I am able to offer support, advocacy, and defense services to juveniles facing charges such as:

Juvenile Crime Defense

Contrary to common belief, a conviction will be placed on the individual’s permanent record in juvenile cases. Even if a record is sealed from the public, it follows the individual and is still available to judges. Therefore, it can be more difficult to convince a judge to dismiss charges, should they occur again. Therefore, it is necessary to have an attorney that is focused obtaining a dismissal of the charges rather than a lawyer that is quick to accept the penalties. As a knowledgeable and experienced juvenile lawyer, I recognize how to set reasonable expectations, but also am dedicated to fighting zealously for my clients.

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She made us feel relaxed, and did not try to scare us into hiring her. She was accurate in her estimation of the final charges that were filed. Her fees were reasonable. We got a great result – one we could not have even hoped for, likely due to her connections. Would definitely recommend her!

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