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Due to the high profile nature of sex crime cases and the devastating stigma that could be attached to your future, it is essential to work with an exceptional sex crime defense attorney. I am Judith A. Samson, Attorney at Law. I have more than 10 years of legal experience and have earned a respectable reputation for zealously defending clients charged with various sex crimes. To schedule a free initial consultation with a truly experienced defense attorney, contact my Twin Cities law office today. I am experienced defending against all types of sexual assault charges, such as:

Aggressive Advocacy Protecting your Reputation

As an experienced sex crime defense attorney, I have thorough understanding of Minnesota laws and how to effectively strategize a defense against sex crime charges. I evaluate the criminal record, any statements made, and the physical evidence available. I analyze these facts and determine if any evidence may be suppressed, challenged, or rebutted. I challenge reliability of witness statements and evaluate what further investigation may be important. I understand that sex offender registration can be damaging to one’s future. Therefore, I vigorously strive to protect my clients’ rights, standing, and future.

Consult an Experienced Minnesota Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer

Because there is mandatory prison time if the individual is convicted, many cases proceed to trial. Therefore it is imperative to speak with an experienced trial attorney. I have earned a successful track record in sex crime defense cases at trial and have effectively protected many clients’ reputation and future. Contact me today for a free initial consultation with a skilled Minnesota criminal defense lawyer.

Minnesota Indecent Exposure Attorney

Indecent exposure is a serious crime. Indecent exposure refers to engaging in publically indecent behavior in the presence of others. This could range from pulling your pants down on a bus to engaging in sexual relations in a public area. If you find yourself arrested for indecent exposure it is important to take this arrest seriously and act fast to protect your future.

Public Nudity Lawyer Minnesota

Every indecent exposure arrest is different. In many instances, you could be facing another serious crime offense on top of the indecent exposure arrest. Some of the factors that will weigh in when it comes to your case include:

  • Your previous criminal history
  • Where and when this criminal offense took place
  • Who was involved in the crime
  • The intentions of the accused
  • Whether drug or alcohol was involved in the incident

Indecent Exposure Act

Public nudity is a much different situation than indecent exposure. There are several places where public nudity is acceptable; however, there are several other places where it is not. Breastfeeding, for example, is perfectly acceptable. Peeing in the park is not. Many people are confused about the laws surrounding indecent exposure.

If you have been arrested for indecent exposure it is important to remain calm and quiet. Do not admit to anything or try to argue with the arrested officer as this could negatively impact your case. An arrest is not a conviction; this is important to remember. Once you have spoken to a qualified Minnesota criminal defense lawyer, who will be able to access your case, you will have your chance to tell your side of the story and get the justice you deserve.

Indecent Exposure Felony Offense

Indecent exposure may not seem like a very serious crime. However, it can be. In fact, in some situations, indecent exposure can be classified as a felony crime with in itself carries a prison sentence of up to 5 years as well as $10,000 of fees. This serious criminal offense will remain on your permanent record negatively impacting all aspects of your life, from your finances to the social aspects. You may have issues with financial institutions, landlords, schools and employers with something this serious impacting your criminal record.

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If you or a member of your family has been arrested for indecent exposure your first move should be to contact a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer. Time is of utmost importance when it comes to defending your case and ensuring you are not charged with this serious crime. With the right Minnesota indecent exposure lawyer in your corner, you can ensure the best outcome possible.

Judith A. Samson is available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your case and what strategic options are available to you in the way of a defense. There is no charge whatsoever for an initial consultation with Judith. Moreover, she understands how devastating criminal charges can be for you and your family. She can arrange for an emergency meeting with you any time of the day or night if the need does arise.

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