Minneapolis Theft Lawyer & Attorney

Facing theft charges can be a truly devastating experience. You likely are facing a whole range of challenging emotions – fear, embarrassment, frustration and so forth. No matter how trying this situation may be for you (or for a member of your family), there is one course of action that you must take in a timely manner: You must seek the guidance, advice and representation of a qualified, experienced and proven Minneapolis theft lawyer. Judith A. Samson is a Minnesota criminal defense attorney who understands what it takes to provide you the most formidable and effective defense to theft charges … in both misdemeanor and felony cases.

Selecting a Minneapolis Theft Attorney: Experience is Fundamental

The laws governing theft cases are complex. Maneuvering through the court system in Minnesota is not something that can be left to a novice. You must have a Minneapolis theft lawyer on your side that has extensive experience. Judith A. Samson has a significant track record in successfully representing men and women from all walks of life you have found themselves facing theft charges. Because of this extensive experience, Judith can fight for you to ensure that you obtain the best possible resolution of your case – even if you have a prior record.

Choosing a Theft Defense Lawyer: Aggressive, Proactive Legal Representation is a Must

Unfortunately, in this day and age, the typical criminal defense attorney – including the typical theft defense lawyer – spends most of his or her time reacting to the prosecution when it comes to “defending” an individual who has been charged with a theft crime. When all is said and done, a reactive lawyer is not a criminal defense attorney who is providing the best possible defense. Judith A. Samson understands that in order to provide you the defense that you must have in a theft case she must not only be aggressive in her representation of you she must be insightful and proactive as well. Through her experience, Judith knows that in regard to your case the best defense is an effective offense. As a consequence, she will dedicate herself to staying on the vanguard in representing you throughout the course of your case.

Effective Criminal Defense Attorney in All Types of Theft Cases

Judith A. Samson provides a full array of legal services in her role as a Minnesota theft defense attorney. She has experience and stands prepared to assist you in regard to any type of theft charge, including:

Protecting Your Rights: Free Case Consultation

If you or a member of your family is in need of a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, please understand that time is of the essence. You must have a theft defense attorney at your side, in your corner the moment you find yourself facing criminal charges. Judith A. Samson is available to meet with you at your convenience to discuss your case and what strategic options are available to you in the way of a defense. There is no charge whatsoever for an initial consultation with Judith. Moreover, she understands how devastating criminal charges can be for your and your family. She can arrange for an emergency meeting with you any time of the day or night if the need does arise. Judith A. Samson – the theft defense attorney … in your corner.

She made us feel relaxed, and did not try to scare us into hiring her. She was accurate in her estimation of the final charges that were filed. Her fees were reasonable. We got a great result – one we could not have even hoped for, likely due to her connections. Would definitely recommend her!

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