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I am Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Judith A. Samson, and I have served clients in the Twin Cities and Western Suburbs for years.  If you’re facing criminal charges in Minneapolis, you need an experienced and powerful defense lawyer on your side. That’s where Judith Samson, Attorney at Law comes in.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Judith Samson has years of experience representing adults and juveniles facing misdemeanor, gross, and felony charges in both Minnesota State and Federal Courts. Her aggressive representation style has helped countless clients obtain favorable outcomes in their cases.

Judith Samson is a law specialist certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association, placing her in an elite group of attorneys. Only 3% of registered attorneys in the state are certified specialists in their field, making her expertise highly sought after.

If you’re in need of legal representation for a criminal charge, don’t hesitate to call Judith Samson at (612) 810-0060. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact my office in Minneapolis, MN.

Why Choose Minneapolis Criminal Attorney Judith Samson?

Judith Samson is a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis with a longstanding history of success. At her law office, she provides clients facing criminal charges with experience and results-oriented practices to achieve favorable outcomes. Judith Samson understands that legal representation can be costly, which is why she offers payment plan opportunities. Her firm belief is that everyone deserves sound legal representation, regardless of their financial situation. If you’re facing criminal charges in Minneapolis, turn to Judith Samson for the dedicated representation you deserve.

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Drug Charges & Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a drug offense in Minneapolis, MN, you need a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side. Judith Samson is a seasoned attorney specializing in narcotics and committed to achieving favorable outcomes for her clients. With her extensive knowledge of the law and a record of success, Judith Samson is a fierce litigator who challenges the State’s evidence and fights for her client’s rights. She understands that mistakes can happen in overzealous police search and seizure practices, and that’s why she takes a particular interest in drug cases. She is also dedicated to helping juveniles facing drug charges. If you need the best criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis, look no further than Judith Samson. Contact her today for committed representation in your case.

Protect Your Rights With an Experienced Minneapolis DWI Lawyer

DWI charges in Minnesota can be one of the most serious offenses a person can be accused of. With over 20 years experience assisting Minnesotans with DWI and DUI charges, Judith helps clients navigate through these difficult times and helps them get back their lives. She understands DWI law, the possible outcomes, and finds favorable results for her clients. Be sure to contact a Minneapolis DWI Attorney before speaking to the police or agreeing to a plea bargain. We’ll ensure your Miranda rights are fully protected during the course of your apprehension and challenge probable cause of your traffic stop.

In Need of a Theft Crime Lawyer?

Facing theft charges can be a truly devastating experience. You may be faced with a variety of emotions – fear, embarrassment, frustration and so forth. Judith Samson understands theft charges and the steps needed to fight them. She is well versed in challenging the State’s evidence and has a track record of successfully representing men and women facing charges. Learn more how Minneapolis theft crime lawyer can represent you.

Domestic Violence Charges & Order For Protections

Penalties can be severe and life changing when it comes to assault in Minnesota. Minneapolis assault attorney Judith Samson fights to protect the rights of persons charged with assault whether is be misdemeanor or felony level assault by strangulation. Judith also handles no contact orders, harassment restraining orders HRO, Domestic Abuse No Contact Order DANCO, and order for protection. She is available 24/7 to talk to you about charges the State has charged you with and put together a strategy to defend your rights and freedom to achieve the best possible outcome.

Do You Need Help Clearing Your Criminal Record?

In 2015, Minnesota passed new legislation that allows for public records to be sealed. If you’ve had difficulty moving forward in your life due to a conviction, Judith Samson can help you with a prior criminal charge or conviction. Contact Minnesota expungment attorney Judith Samson today so she can form a strategy that will remove your public criminal record.

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