Minnesota Juvenile Crimes: Damage to Property Lawyer

Damage to property, or vandalism, is typically seen as a juvenile crime. However, juvenile crimes are not taken lightly. Vandalism can come in a variety of forms, including causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to someone else’s properties. If the act that has been committed lowers the value of the property or causes… Read more »

Defending Against Four Degrees of Meth Charges in Minnesota

When it comes to drug possession, Minnesota has some of the harshest criminal punishments of any state. When it comes to methamphetamines, the law is particularly strict in order to prevent this pervasive, addictive, and destructive drug from taking hold. When you are arrested on meth possession, you will face four different degrees of charges… Read more »

Juvenile Crimes: Minnesota Theft Crimes Defense Attorney

When you hear the word “theft”, what definition usually comes to your mind? We define theft as a person taking someone else’s property without that person’s permission. Adults are not the only people who can commit a theft and be charged with a theft crime. Theft is stealing. If someone takes something that does not… Read more »

How Juvenile Assault Differs From Adult Charges

In Minnesota, assault is one of the most serious charges that one can face outside of outright murder. However, as with any crime, once you put the word “juvenile” in front of the charge, people tend to feel that it is taken less seriously. After all, a child are often punished lighter than an adult,… Read more »

What Happens to a Juvenile Caught Drinking and Driving Underage?

In Minnesota, DWI crimes are taken very seriously for adults. As an enhancing crime, those above 21 years of age face exponential punishments if they incur multiple DWIs in a ten year span. However, what about when it comes to juveniles? If a person under the age of 21 is caught drunk driving, do they… Read more »

What is Considered Obstruction of the Legal Process in Hennepin County?

When it comes to obstructing the legal process, otherwise known as obstruction of justice, people may be familiar with the term, but very few know what it actually means. While obstruction of the legal process can be easy to define, it can have a surprisingly broad area of coverage. Under Minnesota Statutes 609.50 Subdivision 1,… Read more »

Minnesota Juvenile Burglary Defense Lawyer

Minnesota Juvenile Burglary Charges Don’t Always Mean a Crime Has Been Committed Often when it comes to burglary charge in Minnesota, people often mix up the definition with theft. When theft occurs, then the person who has committed the crime has stolen something. However, for burglary charges to be filed, it doesn’t even mean the… Read more »

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Case Results


County: Scott

Type of Charge: 3rd DWI

Priors: 1 prior

Final Deposition: Plead to a 4th degree DWI

Sentence Imposed: No jail


County: Dakota

Type of Charge: Harassment Order

Priors: None

Final Deposition: Dismissed

Sentence Imposed:


County: Hennepin

Type of Charge: Solicitation of Prostitute

Priors: 1 prior

Final Deposition: Stay of imposition vacate and dismiss

Sentence Imposed: No jail

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