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What Exactly Is Social Host Liability in Minneapolis?

If you are going to be hosting an event that will have alcohol or alcoholic beverages available for drinking, with people under the legal drinking age of 21 in attendance, then you need to understand how social host liability works in Minneapolis. What is social host liability? The city of Minneapolis has enacted an ordinance that… Read more »

How to Fight Against False Allegations of Domestic Abuse in Minnesota

Domestic abuse is a heinous crime. It is seriously under-reported, and those victims who do have the temerity to step forward and say what’s been happening often put themselves in great danger. Unfortunately, while it is less common, there are people who will allege that a partner or family member has abused them in order… Read more »

Can Police Dogs Sniff at Your Front Door Without a Warrant in Minnesota?

Thanks to the Fourth Amendment, which protects American citizens from unreasonable searches by the government, homeowners can deny a police officer’s request to search their home without a warrant. While the Fourth Amendment is clear about the rights of homeowners in regards to police searches without a warrant, it doesn’t clarify whether police dogs can… Read more »

Mandatory minimum gun laws

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission reveals in gun cases across all of Minnesota, judges give less than the mandatory minimum sentence 53% of the time. In Hennepin County, that is increased to 56%. It is nice to know Hennepin County Judges don’t just rubber stamp these types of cases. Rather, they consider all the facts… Read more »

Drinking and Drug Use High in Minnesota’s University Dorms

It has been known for years that drinking and drug use occur in college dorms around the country with those in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota not being an exception. Because of the drug and alcohol use occurring in dorms, some are better known for incidents than others. In one dorm, a few students… Read more »

Hennepin County Sheriff Calls for Officers to Carry Heroin Antidote

It has been stated recently that heroin use is escalating in the Twin Cities. Now the Hennepin County Sheriff is calling for officers to carry a Heroin antidote. In addition to the Hennepin County Sheriff, Senator Chris Eaton is also calling for law enforcement officers to carry the antidote, which can save the life of… Read more »

Increase in Domestic Violence in Minnesota Doubles Domestic Homicides

Nearly 40 people across Minnesota have lost their lives in domestic violence incidents in 2013. This is more than double the number of incidents reported in 2012. When family is supposed to bring comfort and love, 37 people across Minnesota experienced the comfort that they were supposed to have turn into violence. That violence then… Read more »

Domestic Violence Target of Twin Cities Law Enforcement Campaign

A Twin Cities law enforcement sweep occurred this month and the target was domestic violence suspects. This campaign was part of a national sweep and it resulted in 12 arrests out of the 100 that were pursued. This sweep was part of the 11th annual National Family Violence Apprehension Detail. This is a nationwide effort… Read more »

Two Men Charged in Minneapolis Robbery-Inspired Shooting Death

On July 11, two men were charged with the robbery-inspired death of a man outside his south Minneapolis home. According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office, Francisco Benitez Hernandez, 38, died at the scene of the shooting on July 8 from multiple gunshot wounds. Two Minneapolis men were arrested in connection with the shooting,… Read more »

Long Lake Burglar Charged

A Minneapolis man has been charged with second-degree burglary in connection with a string of burglaries that occurred in Long Lake. A crime alert was issued after three burglaries occurred on Wolf Point Trail in Long Lake. The Wayzata PD issued the alert. While only charged with one burglary at the time, it is believed… Read more »

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Final Deposition: Stay of imposition vacate and dismiss

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