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Drug Sales

Minneapolis Drug Sales Lawyer

The sale of drugs is a very serious offense to be accused of. It is also one that can be very confusing and result in some serious consequences. However, there are some individuals accused with selling drugs or the intent to sell and they didn’t do or intend to anything of that sort. Sometimes it is a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, possessing the wrong materials, or simply making a mistake that may or may not be repeated in the future.

If you or a loved one has been accused of drug sales, then the charges should not be faced alone. Even if the crime was committed, a strategic and skilled criminal defense is needed. Your Minneapolis drug crimes attorney can look at the case, find factors that warrant reduced charges so that sentencing can be reduced, and help you move on with your life much sooner than you would if you faced the entire matter alone.

You Have Rights

What some individuals do not realize is that they do have rights. Even if you did commit the crime, you have rights that need to be protected and that is why calling your attorney as soon as possible is going to help your case. Here are the different degrees that you can be charged with for drug possession and sale:

  • First Degree Drug Possession/Sale – If you are found with more than 25 grams of meth, cocaine, or heroin; or more than 100 Kg of marijuana or selling more than 10 grans of meth, cocaine or heroin; you could be facing several decades in prison and up to $1 million in fines.
  • Second Degree Drug Possession/Sale – Being in possession of 6 grams of heroin, meth, or cocaine; or 50 grams of any other narcotic; or more than 100 doses or 50 grams of amphetamine or hallucinogens; or selling more than 3 grams of meth, cocaine, or heroin; you could see a half million dollars in fines and 25 years in prison.
  • Third Degree Drug Possession/Sale – Being in possession of at least 3 grams of meth, cocaine, or heroin; 10 grams of any other narcotic; or at least 50 doses of narcotics, 10 Kg of marijuana, or 5 doses of LSD; and selling any amount of meth, cocaine, or heroin can result in up to two decades in prison and a quarter million dollars in fines.
  • Fourth Degree Drug Possession/Sale – You can receive a penalty of 15 years in prison and $100K in fines if you have at least 10 unites of a hallucinogen or you have the intent to sell meth, cocaine, or heroin.
  • Fifth Degree Drug Possession/Sale – This is the least serious of the charges and states that you can be in possession of a small amount of a controlled substance and have to pay $10,000 in fines and spend 5 years in prison.

Marijuana charges are the least serious of them all with a penalty of 90 days in jail and $1,000 in fines.

Fighting For Your Future

Regardless of whether you are charged with First Degree Drug Possession/Sale or a marijuana charge, your St. Paul drug crimes attorney will fight for your rights and defend your future so that you can move forward with the rest of your life in a more productive way.

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Being accused of selling drugs packs some serious consequences in Minnesota. In fact, any indication that sales are happening will be met with a great deal of aggression. It also depends on where the sales allegedly take place, such as near a school or park or to minors. If you or a love done has been accused of selling drugs, it is important to call an attorney as soon as possible so that the proper legal advice and representation can be provided. To learn more about the legal assistance that you can receive, call Judith A. Samson at 612-333-8001 for a free consultation.

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