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When you hear the word “theft”, what definition usually comes to your mind? We define theft as a person taking someone else’s property without that person’s permission. Adults are not the only people who can commit a theft and be charged with a theft crime.

Theft is stealing. If someone takes something that does not belong to them and they have no intentions of returning that item, that person can face criminal charges. When many juveniles find themselves in trouble with the law, it is usually because of theft crimes.

When juvenile theft takes place, the juvenile can be the person committing the crime or the person who the crime was committed against. Many juvenile theft crimes take place in school when personal belongings are illegally taken from gym bag, backpacks, desks, and lockers.

Juveniles who commit theft crimes may steal from their peers, businesses, and adults. When a juvenile steals something from a store, the crime is labeled as shoplifting. Unfortunately, for many people, shoplifting becomes a habit that many of them say they cannot control.

Every legal consequence of a juvenile theft crime can significantly change a minor’s life. When a juvenile commits a theft crime, his or her life will be turned completely upside down. Many people may not take juvenile crimes seriously because the penalties may not be as severe as the crimes for adults. However, if the juvenile does not have the proper legal representation and if there is not a proper criminal defense for the juvenile who has committed such crime, the juvenile can have a permanent mark on his or her record and his or her life.

An important thing about juvenile crimes is that the juvenile can be punished severely or spend time in a rehabilitation center or a detention center. Many parents of underage youth who commit such crimes do not always understand how these cases are eventually processed in juvenile courts. In order for a determination to be made in a juvenile’s case when a theft crime is committed, the judge will look into a variety of factors, including the following:

  • the amount of the items that were stolen
  • any prior record of the juvenile
  • the age of the person who committed the crime
  • any additional crimes that were committed along with the theft crime

Depending on the outcome of a juvenile crime theft case, the minor could face a variety of penalties. If a juvenile is convicted in a juvenile court, he or she could face the following penalties:

  • the restoration of what was stolen
  • punitive damages
  • placement in a juvenile detention center
  • placement in a rehabilitation center
  • the payment of fines
  • hours of community service

If a minor has been accused of a theft or any other juvenile crime, it is highly important that one seeks legal advice as soon as possible. One should not seek legal advice from the first attorney that you find in a phone book or in a Google Search. You will need to hire an attorney who specializes in juvenile crime laws and other protections that can apply to the case that has been brought up against the juvenile.

If your child or child you are caring for has been charged with a theft crime, we recommend that you contact a professional, skilled, and experienced juvenile theft crime attorney for a consultation about the legal options that are available to you.

If you would like more information about juvenile theft crimes and the services we can offer you and your child, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a consultation. We are here to provide you with the help you need.

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