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Marijuana Drug Crimes: A Confusing Case For States

In contemporary times, the use of marijuana is shrouded in mystery as federal and state laws remain in conflict. Drug laws in the United States have been the subject of everything from medical research to taxable goods to societal ills.

Did you know that from 1960-1962, the Harvard Psilocybin Project existed and tested psilocybin on study participants? Such work continues today to study hallucinogens and mental health. Even the US military has investigated whether psilocybin can help treat Vets with PTSD.

Overtime, the decriminalization of drugs and substances results in less penalization for users. However, this isn’t popular in certain jurisdictions. Often the legislative sessions or elected leaders aren’t in tune with the mass public.

Marijuana Misunderstandings In Minnesota

Marijuana is a point of contention in courts, given its popularity. According to Statisca, “as of 2018, around 124 million people in the United States had used marijuana.” Many people have used marijuana.

The way to deal with the feeling of unfairness in facing possession charges is fighting back. While the current laws are still on the books, it doesn’t mean that penalties remain as stringent. Until the laws change, legal representation is necessary for recreational drug use in Minnesota.

In Minnesota, NORML reports, “Marijuana [is] a Schedule 1 controlled substance” and still considered illegal. What penalties are you looking at for possession or sale of marijuana in Minnesota? Can a skilled defense attorney help?

Securing Solid Defense

Naturally, it is best to enter the legal arena with the help of an articulate representative to speak on your behalf. As a criminal defense attorney, Judith A. Samson, has 17 years of experience with the complexities of misdemeanor and felony cases.

Given the vagaries in marijuana laws and sentencing, the state prosecutors and law enforcement can file charges against you that range in severity. We are well-versed in handling a variety of drug charges.

Possession Laws of Marijuana in Minnesota

The severity of the charge for marijuana depends on the amount carried. For first time offenders, sometimes lawyers can help secure a conditional discharge. Here is a look at the marijuana possession laws:


  • 42.5 g or less is considered a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $500 and no jail time
  • More than 1.4 g in one’s car is also a misdemeanor that can result in 90 days in jail and double the fine


  • 42.5 g to less than 10 kg is a felony with a maximum penalty around $10,000 and a potential 5-year sentence
  • More than 10 kg constitutes felonies involving increasing incarceration and fines

Distribution Laws Regarding Marijuana in Minnesota

As with the possession laws, the distribution laws for Minnesota become more harsh with the quantity being sold. However, the sale of marijuana becomes riskier depending upon whom it is sold, and where the drug is disbursed.


  • Sale of 42.5 g or less comes with a fine of $200
  • A good lawyer can often secure a drug education course in lieu of fines
  • Sale of 42.5 g or less does not involve jail time


  • Anything from 42.5 g to less than 5 kg is a felony with a hefty $10,000 fine and 5-year sentence
  • Sale of more than 5 kg to 100 kg is always a felony with large fines and long sentences


  • Certain acts like selling marijuana in a school zone are felonious
  • Selling to a minor is also a felony that carries up to 20 years and a $250,000 sentence
  • Distributing marijuana anywhere near a school zone is also a felony

Sadly, given the number of marijuana consumers who are teenagers, small-time dealers face severe penalties. For the casual marijuana user, it is important to secure help fighting convictions, lessening penalties, and moving forward with life.

No one should be stuck in the cycle of drug convictions that make future job employment and sobriety more difficult.

No one should have to face maximum penalties for cannabis usage when the laws are changing.

Contact Judith A. Samson for a free consultation today for help facing excessive fines and penalization.

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