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Credit card theft is one of the most common types of theft in the 21st century. Why? For one, with the rise of the internet, more and more people are using their credit cards online to purchase everyday items. This means their information is more at risk than 50 years earlier. Furthermore, credit cards are constantly competing for your business and thus many credit cards offer large limits and cash back terms that allow thieves to get away with stealing a large sum of money. And, finally, when it comes to using a stolen credit card in stores, many employees will forget to take notice of the signature or ask for ID when using a credit card. What this means is that it is easier than ever for credit card theft to occur.

However, what this also means is that the United States, including the state of Minnesota, is cracking down on credit card and other identity theft by establishing even more stringent punishments for those charged and convicted of credit card theft.

Credit Card Theft Concerns

So what is credit card theft? Many people who are arrested of credit card theft do not even realize that what they have done is against the law. Essentially, if you have committed the following acts, then you could be accused of credit card theft, regardless of the monetary value involved in the case:

  • If you have obtained, signed, used or forged someone else’s credit or debit card information, even if this person is a friend or relative
  • If you have taken someone else’s credit card or debit card without him knowing
  • If you have used your own credit card knowing that it expired or that the funds in the account are insufficient
  • If you have used your own credit card knowing that it is connected to an overdrawn or inactive account.
  • If you have used a credit card knowing that the card was stolen
  • If you have been involved in stealing or producing illegal credit cards
  • If you use someone else credit card or debit card information to buy goods online

Credit Card Theft Consequences

Credit card theft can either be considered a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of stolen goods in question. You may be faced with severe penalties including large fines and jail time if you are found guilty of credit card theft in Minnesota.

Of course, there are emotional consequences to your actions as well. You may be faced with years of shame for your actions. You may have trouble supporting your family, especially if you are facing jail time. You may be plagued with guilt, with embarrassment or with anger. You may notice your friends are changed their attitude and that it is harder than ever to maintain a stable job.

Minnesota Theft Defense Lawyer and Advice

Theft, credit card or otherwise, is no joking matter which is why you need to contact a Twin Cities theft defense lawyer as soon as you have been accused of credit card theft. Contact Samson Law at 612-333-8001 to discuss your legal case and understand your options for the best possible outcome.

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