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There are two reasons why individuals turn to attorneys: They need advice or they need an advocate. It is not uncommon for an attorney to be able to predict what the outcome in a case will be, but many times a client needs more than just advice. Advice is not what is usually going to help an individual receive the best possible outcome in their case. The best possible outcome is achieved by having a qualified advocate in your corner. You need someone who can prove that there is something not ordinary about your case so that you can be protected from the harshest of consequences.

Why Do You Need An Attorney?

The client that represents him or herself tends to be given the harshest sentence. And while some do not enter into the court room to represent themselves with the purpose of trying to reduce their consequences, they do so because they feel that their guilt deserves the worst punishment. The truth is that the individual doesn’t deserve the worst because of the long-term consequences.

What is needed is a criminal attorney Minnetonka residents trust to take a results-oriented approach to their case. What Minnetonka residents don’t need is an attorney simply in it for the money because that is not going to help anyone get the results that they need. As a matter of fact, such an approach can be devastating because of the lack of personal investment in the case.

With the right attorney, you can count on every detail of your case being researched so that a strong defense can be created for you. Details in your case will be revealed that will show the court that there is a reason to doubt your guilt or the degree of guilt in your case. That way, even if there are consequences, they are not as severe as they could be.

DWI Charges

DWI charges are quite severe and usually result in immediate arrest. If convicted there could be additional time in jail and high fines. This is especially true for subsequent offenses. But before a conviction ever takes place, it is important to call your attorney first. You don’t have to say to the arresting officer that you have not been drinking or using drugs, even if you haven’t. Wait for your attorney first so that anything you say against you cannot be used against you in court. This is true for any alleged crime you may be arrested for.

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When you need advice or an advocate, you need an attorney who knows the law. Judith Samson knows the law and can stand in your corner, protecting your future. To learn about your rights and how you can be protected, schedule your free initial consultation at 612-333-8001. You don’t have to be alone in your case, wondering how the law can help you and hurt you. Instead, you need someone guiding you every step of the way, as well as be your voice within the legal system.

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To meet your needs, I provide 24 hour service, off-site appointments, and a free initial consultation. Contact my Minneapolis law office to have a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side.

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Case Results


County: Scott

Type of Charge: 3rd DWI

Priors: 1 prior

Final Deposition: Plead to a 4th degree DWI

Sentence Imposed: No jail


County: Dakota

Type of Charge: Harassment Order

Priors: None

Final Deposition: Dismissed

Sentence Imposed:


County: Hennepin

Type of Charge: Solicitation of Prostitute

Priors: 1 prior

Final Deposition: Stay of imposition vacate and dismiss

Sentence Imposed: No jail

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